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 "I can't tell you how great an adventure you can have in Java Indonesia!!
Great food, great people, great places and great surf!!"

We can help you plan and organise your adventure - we have been travelling around Java for over a decade and want to share our knowledge with you to see some fabulous places and spend time with the fabulous people of Java.

Our friends Fery and Harjun in Jogjakarta and Hakim and Herman in Lombok are available to take you to great places to see eat and have fun.


 Visit and climb Mount Rinjani ...Marvel at Borobudur ... Try Nasi Liwat .... Learn to surf ... Thai at Eavls place ...

This is Danny .... in Bali


          This is Ferry .... on the right


......and this is Harjun and his car

 We are still under construction but you can make a query for an adventure by emailing us


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